Ghost: Track Book 1

Week #2 - Reflection

Each week we want you to provide a weekly reflection on what you have read. Please answer one of the following questions:

1. While you were reading today, describe what you pictured in your mind about the story? (visualization)

2. Which character do you connect with the most and why? (personal connection)

3. Which part of your book are you having the most difficulty understanding or connecting with? (self-evaluation)

4. Which part of the story caused the most intense feelings in you? Why? (emotional connection)

5. How realistic is the plot of your book? Explain. (critical thinking)

6. Which character would you like to have as a friend and why? (personal connection)

7. What do you think will happen in the next section you read? (prediction)

8. If you could “jump” into your book right now, what would you do in the story and why? (personal connection)

9. Which part of what you read today were you able to visualize the best and why? (visualization)

10. What event, setting or character in this book reminds you of your life and why? (personal connection)

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